Traveler's pants Odyssey

Specially designed for long adventure travels

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Just do it... letter?

Relax! Thanks to the integrated suspension system, you can hang or remove the Turbat Oasis hammock in a few seconds

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Poncho Molfar

This mystical thing will protect you from the weather. Just put it in your backpack and ritually remove it from the cover when it starts to rain

(UA) Досліди Molfar

Made by travelers

We know that actively learning about and discovering the world around you is one of the first needs of man. Encountering the world for yourself develops patience, purposefulness, courage, communication, and imagination. Being on a journey, and drinking deep from new cultures, lives, landscapes, and languages, we begin feeling more confident and energetic, as lightness of heart quickly sets in. Our mission at Turbat is to create clothes and equipment that allow everyone to be a great traveler, explore our planet and own place in this world.

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