About us

Made by travelers

Authenticity is important for us. Above all, everything should be natural and real. Wet, dirty, too hot and drawn-out, but despite everything, so excitingly New. We are not disappointed when places don’t live up to their Instagram. We don’t complain when the weather becomes unbearable, and everything goes wrong, because we know that this is just a point on a journey – spontaneous, sometimes absurd, incomprehensible and always unpredictable. Perhaps we don’t look like heroes on these photos. Our clothes may not look perfectly clean and pressed, but wrapped up inside of them, we have lots stories.

We remember about the places we met, the people we experienced, and new conceptions about the world around us.

We created Turbat to persistently and boldly explore every corner of the Earth. To be Unbound. True. Alive.

About us


We keep as much production in Ukraine as possible, because we know that it is a sign of quality and pride.

This is an important support for local sewing professionals as well as the local economy. We work with ten small factories with responsible working conditions, where each of our products is manufactured with all attention and care.