About us

Turbat is a river that flows in Gorgany, the remote and inaccessible place of the Carpathians. Its valley is a special place of inspiration for the team of Ukrainian brand of outdoor equipment. It is designed by travelers for travelers, and therefore for you, Turbat is dreamed up to be reliable and durable in long journeys or Carpathian mountains.

Our team

Andriy Bandrivskyy

Founder and strategic leader of Turbat. Successful traveler, conqueror of volcanoes and inaccessible regions of the planet who can’t live without mountains.

Natalia Stadnyk

Real expert in the garment industry, who knows everything about sewing clothes from head to toe. She can easily take a trip anywhere and anytime and can’t live without mountains.

Olesia Marchuk

She is extremely creative, energetic and inspirational. Clothes modelling and designing is her vocation. Owner of studio of author's clothes. She can’t live without mountains.

Marian Striltsiv

He wandered over seas, mountains and deserts. Adventurous and confident enough to be creative brand manager.

Tetiana Kruhla

She knows how to organize the world and make it better, so it is easy for her to coordinate manufacturing process. It's a piece of cake for her to go mountaniering whole day and night without rest.

Oksana Reitar

Turbat production technologist. Manages and controls all the process of clothing production. He knows perfectly the path that product comes from the factory to the owner's hands.

Olesya Bereziuk

Turbat product designer. It takes care of the comfortable and aesthetic part of the clothing. Thousands of options and one best solution to make Turbat stylish and comfortable. He thinks that travel is the discovery of a vast world, and you are only a small part of it.
  • Near 67% of production costs remain in Ukraine
  • Near 60 workplaces are involved for manufacturing products (from idea to end result).
  • Perfect control of production and warranty.

Friends of Turbat

Orest Zub

He is successful online-entrepreneur, purposeful traveler and blogger. His lifestyle is usually the example for others to follow.

Twowheeled chronicles

Yaryna, Volodymyr and and their little captain Marko - family that travels around the world on bicycles and confidently changes the idea of traveling with children. Authors of the "Two-Wheeled Chronicles" project and the musicians of the "Folknery" band.

Ihor Karabin

He is fearless climber and mountain guide. It will take a week or even two to hear all the stories of his climbing. We never know where new pictures of Turbat banner will be taken – Gasherbrum, Denali or Kilimanjaro.

Vlad Kutsey

Incredibly talented adventure and expedition photographer. Vlad’s work has appeared in dozens of publications of the world’s famous companies including National Geographic and Nat Geo Traveler. His comfort zones are jungle and a few thousand meters altitude. Together with his wife Alona, he is a founder of the adventure agency Adventure Monsters. In addition to the Turbat, embassador of Garmin, IIDLO, GoPro and Osprey.

Projects and partners of Turbat

Chornohora search and rescue station

Thanks to them there is protection and safety on the highest mountain ridge of Ukraine.

On3wheels Project

Ivan Maslyak dreamt to see the ocean, in 2016 his wish came true. He can’t walk, but it wasn’t the obstacle for him to travel with friends from Ukraine to Portugal on special bike. They have founded the foundation for implementation of travel derams of handicapped people. More about the club on on3wheels.org

GoMountains Club

They unite active, progressive and creative people, that are fond of adventure travels over the world. More about the club on gomountains.com.ua


In other words - NaTURE of Advanture. Team with good experience in kayaking, mountain hiking, ski expeditions and speleology. More about them on ture.ua

Adventure Monsters

If travel-photography and adventure are right next to you, join their monster adventures. For sure, you will remember those moments forever.